After moving class rosters, students can still view their submitted assignments from previous classes using these directions.

Note for teachers: Student work will not automatically transfer to the same assignment in their new class. They will need to copy their writing from the previous assignment and paste it into the new version.

1. Log in to their student Writable account.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Writable homepage, and click 'Inactive Assignments' to expand any submitted assignments from previous classes.

3. Click to open a specific assignment.

4. You will be reminded that this assignment is no longer active, so you cannot make any changes. Click 'OK' to continue.

5. Click on the 'Read & Write' section to open the assignment.

6. Another reminder will show to alert you that changes cannot be made to the writing and this assignment cannot be submitted again. Click 'OK'.

7. You can copy your previous writing if you need to paste it into a new version of the assignment in another class. You can also export the writing to a Google Doc if you have connected your Google account.

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