Writable provides teachers and students with multiple avenues for feedback. Students can use the steps below to view the feedback left by their reviewers.

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Viewing Feedback on a Rubric

If students have received feedback from teachers or peers, they can follow these steps to view their scores, highlights, and comments:

1. Click on the assignment, and then click anywhere in the 'Read & Write' section.

2. Ratings and comments will be shown on the rubric to the right of the writing.

  • If a comment was left on a specific rubric item, it will show under that item.

  • Hover over highlighted text to see comments specific to that writing.

3. If you're ready to review, click 'Revise Now' above the writing, or 'Revise' beneath the rubric to begin making changes to the writing.

Viewing Instant Conferencing Messages

If teachers have sent students instant conferencing messages, students can follow these steps to view those messages and respond.

1. Students can always view their teacher's messages by clicking on the assignment, and then clicking anywhere in the 'Read & Write' section.

Alternatively, students can click on the chat notification icon in the top corner to see their most recent message alerts.

Then click on the assignment to be taken to the Read & Write page.

2. In the assignment, students will need to click 'Check & Submit' to open the rubric and chat window.

3. Click 'Chat With Teacher' to view any messages from your teacher.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the chat window if you'd like to reply to the conversation.

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