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What are best practices for using AI Prompt Suggestions?
What are best practices for using AI Prompt Suggestions?

Quick Tips for getting the best results for your class.

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AI Prompt Suggestions can provide quick-write prompts for topics of your choice for your students. Below are 5 quick tips to get the best results when using AI Prompt Suggestions.

  • Focus on Short Response and High 5 Quick Writes

    • AI Prompt Suggestions are configured to return results intended to be used as High 5 quick-writes. For optimal results, avoid requesting reading passages, essays, quizzes, or other works outside of this format.

    • *Tip: If your first request doesn’t work for you, clicking “ enter” to rerun your search may return more accurate results.

  • Limit your input to focused keywords and phrases

    • Provide a few words specific to your daily goal and topic. Phrases such as “create a prompt” and full sentence requests or questions are not necessary.

      • Examples:

        • “Unreliable narrator"

        • “Individuality and identity”

        • “Foreshadowing narrative”

        • “Earth’s axis seasons”

        • “Nature vs. nurture”

        • “Boston Tea Party”

  • Use Proper Names and Titles

    • Capitalize proper names and titles, and place titles in quotes. AI Prompt Suggestions can provide results on specific readings and even chapters or paragraphs of shorter works. You may also need to include the author in some cases, or specify "book," "film," etc.

      • Examples:

        • “Tell Tale Heart” paragraph 2

        • “Call of the Wild” Chapter 5

        • “Romeo and Juliet” Act 3

  • Be Genre Specific

    • Use keywords such as “narrative,” “argumentative,” or “informational” to help tailor the prompt and type of writing your students may complete.

  • Get Better Grade Level Results

    • Writable considers your class grade level when providing results. Be sure to set a grade level for your classes on the "Classes" page. To get results for a specific grade band, you can also add “for middle school students,” “for 4th grade students” to the AI prompt suggestion box.

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