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How do I create a High 5 Quick Write?
How do I create a High 5 Quick Write?
Create your own 5-minute High Five writing prompt, or get a prompt suggestion from Chat GPT.
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Writable’s High 5 assignments are built to engage your students in daily writing with short, 5-minute writing prompts. Sometimes referred to as Icebreakers, Do Nows, Bell Ringers, Entrance, or Exit Tickets, High 5s are the easiest way to assign and grade in Writable.

Whether you create your own prompt or get a suggestion from AI – powered by Open AI's Chat GPT (new!) – High 5s help you create creative, engaging prompts in your classroom. Writable adds a skill-aligned "quick grade" rubric, which enables feedback and conferencing from a single screen in 'Guide & Grade'.

Create your own High 5 Prompt

1. Log in to your Writable account.

2. Click on the ‘My Assignments’ link at the top of the page, then select the 'High Five Quick Write' tab inside the box:

3. Type the question you’d like students to respond to. Then click 'Create High 5'.

4. Choose a skill for this assignment and click 'Next'.

Tip! When you select a skill area, you will see the skill written as a rubric item and the average proficiency of all your students in this skill area, based on previously graded assignments.

5. Choose how you would like students to respond and click ‘Next’.

  • Think & Respond: This option will prompt the student to answer the question. The teacher will be able to see the response and provide feedback.

  • Think & Share: This option prompts the students to answer the question. They will then use the Review option to read and provide anonymous feedback on their peers’ responses. The teacher and other students will be able to see the response and provide feedback.

6. (Optional) Edit your High 5 assignment title if you would like. By default, Writable will title assignments with the date they are created. Then click ‘Finish’.

7. Click ‘Assign’ and choose which classes to assign to.

❗ Note: If your classes are synced to an LMS, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology, the assignment will sync to your LMS gradebook and will be worth 1 point by default. You can adjust the points value of the assignment in your gradebook or by editing the assignment settings.

8. Students will now see the High 5 assignment in their assignment lists!

Get an AI Prompt Suggestion

1. Log in to your Writable account.

2. Click on ‘My Assignments’ link at the top of the page, then use the 'Get AI Suggestion' tab inside the High 5 box:

3. Type a phrase or prompt idea to start getting AI suggestions, then click enter on your keyboard to see what Chat GPT from Open AI suggests.

For example, try typing "winter weather causes and effects":

or try "The Outsiders book chapter 5 summary":

Tip! Check out our suggestions for fine-tuning your AI prompt suggestion or read more about what's next for AI and ChatGPT in the Writable blog.

Once you select and/or edit the prompt suggested by AI, follow steps 4 through 8 above to complete and assign your High Five quick write.

Tip! Use our video overview to learn how to create a High 5.

We want to hear from you! Have you tried a High Five assignment? Have thoughts or questions about how "Get an AI Suggestion" works? Let us know on Twitter or share it with fellow educators in Writable’s Facebook Group!

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