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How do I use Turnitin's AI Writing Detection?
How do I use Turnitin's AI Writing Detection?

Use Originality Checker and Turnitin to identify student writing that was generated by ChatGPT

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The Origniality Checker includes Turnitin's AI Writing Detection and can provide teachers with an indicator of overall percentage of student work that may have been generated using AI. Turnitin detects writing produced from the GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 language models, which includes ChatGPT.

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How does AI Detection work?

Turninin's AI detection considers only long form prose text, with a minimum of 300 words, and not more then 15,000 words. Currently, this includes English text only. AI detection returns a percentage of text determined with 98% confidence to be generated by AI. AI writing detection does not consider non-standard sentences or non-prose writing such as:

  • poetry

  • scripts

  • code

  • bullet points

  • tables

  • annotated bibliographies

Text written in non-standard prose is not reflected in the overall percentage score returned. The AI detection score is different then the similarity score, which detects similarity of student writing to external sources such as websites or peers. Students can run the Originality Checker (if enabled), but only view the similarity score, not AI Detection score.

How do I use AI Writing Detection?

  • From the student grading view, or from the Feedback tab of the assignment dashboard, run the Originality Check on a student submission. The Originality Check report includes a percentage of qualifiying text considered to be generated by AI. Click the AI percentage score to view submission detail and higlighted AI generated text.

  • Turnitin's AI Detection report will show text determined to be generated by AI as blue higlighted text. Highlighted AI generated text will not show on the Originality Check report.

  • If AI Writing detection appears unavailable, this is because the submission does not meet the requirements for Turnitin to process the writing. This could be due to the following:

    • Writing is not 300 words or over 15,000 words.

    • Writing is not written in English.

    • Writing is non-standard prose.


  • Turnitin's AI Writing Detection is still being rolled out for widespread use, and may not be available for all teacher accounts. For more information or questions, contact

  • For more information on Turnitin's AI writing detection, click here.

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