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How can I see similar papers from students in my school?
How can I see similar papers from students in my school?

Use Originality Check to view similar papers that have been submitted in your school.

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Using the Originality Check report (powered by Turnitin Simcheck), teachers can check student submissions for plagiarism. While viewing the student writing from the assignment dashboard, teachers can also see similar papers submitted by other students in their school.

Follow these steps to check for similar papers in your school.

1. From the My Assignments page in Writable, click on the assignment.

Note! Originality Check is not available for short-response, High Five, or graphic organizer assignments.

2. Click on the class to view the assignment dashboard.

3. From the Students view, click the 'Feedback' tab.

4. In the table, locate the Similarity Check column to see the Similarity percentage and check which students have likely plagiarized writing.

5. Click the blue-linked percentage to open the detailed view.

6. You will see the Originality Check report from TurnItIn SimCheck and a list of all found sources for the student's writing.

7. Click 'View Similar Submissions' in the top left or use the dropdown menu to choose 'Similar Papers' to see any matching writing for your school.

Note: If you do not see these options, the student may have copied from a the internet or student in another school. For privacy, we can only show matching writing for students at your school.

8. The matching papers will show the original writer, the date submitted, the assigning teacher, and the percentage the writing matches. Click 'Close' to return to the assignment dashboard.


  • You can send the student a direct message in the right chat box to let them know of their plagiarism and to ask them to resubmit new writing.

  • Viewing similar papers is currently only available from the assignment dashboard, not while grading student papers in a "stack".

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