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What are best practices when creating rubrics and assignments that generate AI feedback?
What are best practices when creating rubrics and assignments that generate AI feedback?

Tips for getting the best AI feedback suggestions on custom rubrics and assignments.

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Writable recommends several best practices when using AI Suggested Comments and GradeAssist AI-Suggested Scores with your students, including sending feedback while students draft. For more information and strategies for using AI Suggestions, click here.

Writable’s AI Suggested Comments and GradeAssist AI-Suggested Scores are powerful tools to save you time when grading, and give students actionable feedback to help them revise. Writable allows teachers to create or customize assignments and use AI Suggested Comments and GradeAssist draft scores. Below are strategies to make sure you get the best results on your custom assignments and rubrics.

Writable’s AI considers each of the below aspects of your assignment when calculating scores and sending feedback on student responses. Careful consideration should be given to each when setting up your assignmentL

Prompt and Instructions

When writing or editing prompts and instructions in Writable, be specific, concise and accurately describe the task and outcomes for students. Include the genre that students are expected to write (personal narrative, argument, biography etc.). If your assignment includes a reading, Writable’s AI does not automatically consider that text. However, focus the AI by providing the title of the passage, author, chapter or a brief summary. Be aware that the AI may not confine itself to only that text when suggesting feedback.

Avoid vague statements such as “respond to the quote on the board” or “consider Monday’s class discussion.” Instead, briefly provide background information on any instruction, concepts or ideas that are relevant to complete the task. Avoid requirements such as “number of sentences/paragraphs.” Instead, outline any organization required, and consider including aligning rubrics for organization. The more specific and clearly you word your prompt, the more clear the AI feedback suggestions will be.


AI suggested scores and comments are rubric- aligned and skill- driven. Whether you’re creating your own, or using one of Writable’s rubrics, make sure that the overall genre and skills align with the writing prompt and task. Rubrics that don’t match the prompt may provide inaccurate or conflicting feedback, or fail to provide any suggested comments. For example, if you use a narrative rubric yet ask for an argument response in your prompt, the AI suggested comments may be less clear.

The skills you select in your rubric are the driving force behind the AI’s assessment and feedback of your student work, and must be selected for the AI to function. If you’re creating your own rubric, select skills that match the rubric descriptions and performance levels.

For the most detailed skill level feedback, select one or two aligning skills for each rubric checklist. If using a holistic rubric with fewer checklists but multiple skills on each, students may get briefer comments on several skills. However, the AI is designed to give feedback where students need the most support, and comments may focus on areas of need.

Writable support can help with even deeper AI customization in your rubric. Please reach out to if you would like to customize your rubric to reflect the specific skills, language, and writing process.

Short Response Questions

Similar to writing prompts, short response questions should clearly outline the task for students. Short response questions only allow for one rubric item per question. Focus questions on a specific skill, and aim to align the question with the chosen rubric item. For the best results, fill out the answer key for all questions.

Answer Keys

Answer keys are considered by the AI when it evaluates student work and makes suggestions to the teacher; answer keys can be included for any short or extended response assignment. To ensure success with AI suggestions, list any key ideas or overall concepts that students should include in their writing and describe the characteristics of a strong response.

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