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How can I pause grade sync with my LMS course?
How can I pause grade sync with my LMS course?

Manually override Writable assignment grades in Schoology, Canvas and Google Classroom.

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Writable automatically syncs assignment grades for any courses imported from Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom. However, you can pause grade sync on any assignment, allowing you to manually override scores in your LMS gradebook. Follow the directions below to pause the grade sync.

1. Navigate 'My Assignments,' and find your assignment.

2. Next to your course title, click 'Edit Settings' to modify settings for each course. You can also access assignment settings from the 'Settings' tab of your assignment dashboard.

3. Check the box to 'Pause grade sync to LMS.' This will prevent any future grade syncs from occurring, allowing manual override grades in your gradebook.

Note: This function is only available for courses from Schoology, Canvas, or Google Classroom. It is not available for HMH Ed rostered classes.

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