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Presentation - Sharing tab
Presentation - Sharing tab

Share your Presentation with other XpressU users within your account, but keep full control!

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You can share Media and Presentations with other users within your XpressU account. By default, Do not Share selected. When you share, e.g. a Presentation, users cannot edit or change it. They can only publish it and read statistics.
You have 100% control over updates and changes. You can, however, allow users to copy the Presentation, so they can use it as if it were their own. Thus, the original still belongs to you. It can, for example, be used to create a presentation template that others can use.

​ Share with everybody

If Share with everybody is selected, it is also possible to choose whether the users can copy the media or the presentation.

Share with selected

Select the users that you want to share the Presentation or Media with and perhaps tick the Allowed to copy.

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