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Statistics and answers
Statistics and answers
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You will find the statistics for a Presentation in the menu. Click on the 3 dot menu on the Thumb in the Library

The statistics are divided into 4 tabs. Views, Sent from XpressU, Quiz and Surveys.

On the top right is a period selector with common intervals such as Yesterday, Last 7 Days and Last Month. With Other, you can specify your own period.

A summary of all Sent, Started, Completed and Answered is displayed at the top.
The number on the left is the count for the selected period.
The number on the right is the count for the entire period since the Presentation started.

E.g. looking at This Month we have a total of 3 for the entire period. And this month we have sent 1. There are 8 that have been Started in Total, and 1 Started This Month

You can search for specific people with the Search field.

Graph button. Switch between viewing data as a Graph or a Table.

Export the statistics to an Excel (CSV) file.


Views show how many people have seen the Presentation within the period.
Each view has a line. If the user fill in their Name and/or email, these are also shown. Otherwise, the user will be anonymous.

📢Please Note: As something new, there is now a time stamp on when the user has started the Presentation. This is not backwards compatible, so previous views will just have a dash.

Each date in the period has its own main line (green) and contains a summary.
Each individual playback is shown per line below.

Under the Quiz or the Survey column, you will find a user's score if there is a Questionnaire in the Presentation. The Score is a button. Click on it, takes you to the Answers tab with that user's data.

If the user has received the presentation from XpressU, a Resend button is available. Click this if you want to sent the presentation again. As default it will be the same text as last time. However, this can be changed if desired.

Views can be changed to Graph, so we can visually see the progression of views over time. By clicking on Started and Completed, you can see the graph for Started (green dashed), Completed (red) or both at once.

Press the [Table] button and we will return to the Table view.

Sent from XpressU

In addition to Presentations being published via Links, QR codes, Websites, Social Media and sent from your own email program, they can also be sent directly from XpressU.
If sent from XpressU, you can easily resend the same email again, with the same wording and receivers.


If the presentation has one or more Questionnaires, the users' answers are listed under the Quiz and/or Survey tab. You can view all responses for the period or for each individual user.

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