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How you can protect your Presentation

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Here you can set a date for when the Presentation will no longer be available. After that date, users will simply see a message that the Presentation is unavailable.

Two-step verification with PIN code / Protect with password

An XpressU Presentation is intended to be viewed. But there may be presentations that you don't want everyone to see. For example, if someone found the link in the browser's history, or on a public computer. Therefore, the presentation can be protected with a password. Write the password and send it to the people you want to have access to the Presentation. If you send from within XpressU, the password is automatically inserted into the email.

You can also protect with a two-step confirmation with a PIN code. In that case, the user must enter an email.

XpressU sends an email to the email with a PIN code that the user must enter in to the field.

Further you can lock the email to a domain. This way only emails from that domain are allowed to acces the presentation

A Presentation are meant to run online in the browser. But in some cases you might prefer to run it from your computer. It still runs in the browser, but all the media etc. are located on your computer or USB stick. So you are not interrupted on bad network or if there's no network at all. Like at a conference in front of an audience

📢However there are 2 cases that does not work offline

  1. YouTube movies are not allowed for download. This is due to the YouTube terms

  2. Questionnaires must have a internet connection to be evaluated by XpressU

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