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What the Info tab used for for a Survey

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The Info tab is the first tab you see when you open or start a new Survey

Name of your Survey

The name of the survey is displayed together with your introductory text as the first page before the user begins to fill it out

Introductory text

It is not required, but a good idea to introduce users to the survey they are about to participate in.

Allow comments

Besides the answer, you can allow the user to elaborate or just write something as a comment. The comments can be viewed on the statistics on the Survey itself...

or by the user on the Presentation

Allow to skip a question

Some questions may be difficult to answer or may even be irrelevant to the user. Instead of "forcing" an answer, which may be misleading, it may be better to let the user Skip the question

Use elaboration

In the case where the user chooses to skip a question, Elaboration can be filled in.

You can create 4 options that the user can choose from. The user MUST choose one, so it's a good idea to always include a neutral option like "Other" or "Don't want to answer" etc.


- Don't understand the question

- It does not concern me

- I have no opinion on the subject

- Other things


You can choose a scale from 2 to 10.

The number are the values of the Answer. XpressU use the number to calculate the result ín the end. E.g. if a user Strongly disagrees a lot, the score will be low.

📢It's important that you use a consistent way to frame your questions and answers. If a negative answer is a low score, all negative answers must me low. Otherwise the statistics will be skewed.

📌You can change the labels for the answer for each new question.

Hide numbers on answer options

You can hide the number and only allow the user to se the labels. This can have a different effect on what the user chooses to answer.

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