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Learn to give differentiated feedback to your users on your survey

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When your users complete a Survey, you can choose to display a results screen. On this screen you can create different feedback categories that are displayed depending on the result the user got.

The categories' criteria are set up according to points

E.g, 3 questions with 10 answers give a total of 30 points.

So the minimum score is 3 and the highest score is 30.

Categories can now be set up for different score results.

Below, 3 categories have been selected:

3 - 11 points = 33%

12 - 20 points = 33%

21 - 30 points = 34% (we don't use decimals, and it must be 100% )

You can select up to 10 categories. For example 3 - 7, 8 - 11, 12 - 15 etc

The total must simply be 100% before you can save.

When the user has completed the survey, they will be greeted by this screen where the user can see their result and the corresponding text.

Under Settings for your Questionnaire, you can choose not to show the results screen.

By ticking the [X] Show only explanation, not total score

Then users will see this screen instead. That is, where there is no score, but only text.

You can give your users up to 3 ways to view their result. They can switch between these at the top of the page

Table view we have just seen above.

The other is Radar plot view.

This view plots the result as a figure for each question in terms of points.

This view can be used as a stand-alone result, but makes the most sense in a Group* where you need to compare result for different users.

The Bar view

Bar view display mostly based on Groups* but will show an overview of which category each question has ended up in according to the user's score.

If the score also has a label, the label is displayed instead of the score

Users can choose to Print their result.

When a Survey is added to a Presentation, a Questionnaire tab is available on that Presentation

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