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Create your first prospect search
Create your first prospect search

Start your campaign by setting-up your first prospect search.

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Short Summary

Searching for prospects is limitless and free. No credits are required to see the search results. Add, change, and refine your search filters an unlimited number of times through the filter sidebar on the left while reviewing the resulting prospects in real-time on the right. When you find a relevant prospect, simply Unlock & Add the prospect to reveal the name and contact details. And the best thing is that you only pay for what you want.


How to Search for Prospects

  1. Create a new campaign or Add Prospects to an existing campaign

  2. Choose the Prospects option to find new prospects

  3. Add filters in the left sidebar and watch results popping up on the right.

    1. If you only want to limit the results to one prospect per company, select the "Show 1 prospect/company" switch at the top of the filter panel. If there are more prospects in a company than what is displayed, press "Show more" to display 20 more prospects in the company.

    2. If you have integrated your CRM system and wish to only see new leads, use our CRM filter to hide owned companies

  4. To add one or more prospects to your campaign, select them by using the checkboxes and clicking the "Unlock & Add" button on top of the prospects. If you only want to add one prospect, you can click on the "Unlock & Add" button on the prospect row. Adding a prospect to the campaign will unlock the details, and cost you 1 credit.

How to use the Search Filters and improve results

  1. Combine Company-filters and Prospect-filters to find relevant people at relevant companies.

  2. If you use the Company name filter to find a specific company, don't add any other company filters, since it will narrow your results down further.

  3. Use the location filter to find Prospects working at specific locations. Note that there might be several locations with similar names. Use all of them to increase the number of results.

  4. Click the Job-title filter to get AI-driven suggestions for relevant titles close to your search. The more filters and titles you add, the more relevant title suggestions will appear. Remember that titles can be in several languages.

General tips for adding personal filters


  • The more subindustries you add, the more companies you target

  • If you do not target a specific industry, exclude industries that are less relevant to your business offer.


  • The bigger the employee span you choose, the more companies you target.

Company name:

  • Use only the most essential part of the company name (e.g., “Coca-Cola” instead of “Coca-Cola company Sweden”)

  • Use the company name that matches the company name on LinkedIn

  • Add all variants (e.g., coca-cola and Coca-Cola)

  • If a company name can not be found as an auto-suggested option, you can still add it manually by pressing enter.

Job Title:

  • Add all variants (e.g., e-commerce and eCommerce)

  • Add different manager names (head of, director, manager, etc.)

  • Add Job Titles in local languages relevant to your search

  • A tip is to exclude unwanted roles and seniorities under the “Exclude”-tab (e.g., Assistant, Junior, Trainee)

Additionally, we recommend that you check what other job titles your prospects use on LinkedIn

Prospect Location:

  • Select all of the applicable locations (e.g., “London,” “Greater London,” “London metropolitan area).

  • You get a bigger hit if you are country-specific since not all prospects state what city they work in.

Prospect Keywords:

  • Match with interest, skills, education, and job titles on LinkedIn (not words in bio for instance)

  • Add all variations (e.g., social media and SOME)

  • We recommend that you check what keywords your prospects use on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that company fields (e.g., industry or technologies) are not suitable for this filter.

Once you have added prospects, it's time to create your outreach copy!

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