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What are credits and how are they used?

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Understanding Zaplify Credits

Credits are the Zaplify currency and are used to unlock prospect profiles & contact details. Every time you Unlock & Add a prospect you consume one credit, meaning 1 credit = 1 unlocked prospect.

If you have unlocked a prospect once, it will not cost you any credits to move them between campaigns. This means that if a colleague of yours has unlocked a prospect but not activated a campaign towards them, you can move them to your own campaign without using any credits.

It does not cost you any credits to upload your own prospects. However, we do not enrich the data that you upload. It does not cost any credits to send connection requests and emails.

Annual vs. monthly credits

Your plan can include credits based on monthly or annual cycles. If you have a monthly plan, your credits will refill every month. If you have an annual plan, you will receive all credits upfront, and they will renew every year. The beginning and length of each period depend on the date and what plan you signed up for.

If you have a monthly plan, leftover credits will not roll over to next month so make sure to use them on time.

If you have an annually-based plan, you can use the credits whenever you want throughout that year.

Credits status

To get an overview of your credits, hover over the credits info in the top right corner next to your account icon.

  1. Your monthly goal is equal to the total amount of credits in the organization divided by the number of users and the number of months in your contract period.

  2. You can see how many credits are left in the organization to make sure to use them on time

  3. If you have several users in your organization, your admin could have asked to set different limits on how many credits a user can use.

  4. Your usage during this period shows how many credits you have used for your current period. The period starts on the same date as you sign up and ends 1 month later (1 year for an annual plan). Your credits will renew at the beginning of each period and expire at the end of it.

Adding More Credits

You can get more Credits by inviting people to Zaplify! For each person who signs up via your link, you'll get 20 bonus credits. To get your invitation link, click on your profile > Get free credits > Copy link. You can also share it directly via LinkedIn or email.

If you want more credits in your plan, you can upgrade your plan yourself. To upgrade your plan click on your profile > Account and Settings > Subscription & Billing > Upgrade plan. There you can see how many credits are included in each plan and you can also buy OneTime credits.

If you would like further assistance, contact your CSM or our support.

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