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🇬🇧 Mount your Controller
🇬🇧 Mount your Controller

Mounting the Controller doesn't require any tools.

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Before mounting your Controller, we recommend that you follow the guide "Activate and connect the Controller" and write down the Controller's ID number (the number on the back of the Controller) and store it in a safe place. You can also see where you should place your Controller here.

  1. Twist the Controller on (and off) the mount
    Have you written down the Controller ID somewhere? Good. We then recommend that you twist the Controller onto the mount, making sure the two arrows meet. You should feel a slight "click". Please note: removing the Controller from the mount can be very difficult before you've attached the mount to your vessel.

  2. Clean the mounting area
    Use the 3M cleaning wipe to clean the area before attaching the mount.

  3. Attach the mount (with or without the Controller)
    Make sure the temperature is above +10°C. Remove the protective film from the stickers and attach the mount with a firm press (approx. 10 seconds). Protect the mount from rain and pressure for 24 hours.

    If you attach the mount without the Controller it's important that you make sure the Controller will face the right way when mounted.

Your Controller is now mounted and ready to be used! These guides describe most functions and how to take care of your equipment:

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