Bidding and budget optimization
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Zemanta helps you automate day-to-day optimizations of your campaigns. Its most powerful optimization tools include Campaign goal optimization, Budget optimization, and the Bidding strategy.

Campaign goal optimization

All successful advertising campaigns start with a specific business objective. Zemanta’s Campaign Goals feature helps you stay on top of all your business objectives for your campaigns within a single interface. Our campaign creation workflow is designed to help you clearly track progress against a wide range of goals and custom metrics.

Learn more about goals here.

Budget optimization

Budget optimization automatically allocates budget dynamically between ad groups and prioritizes delivery on the best-performing ones. At the same time, it makes sure your budget will be evenly spent throughout the campaign’s flight time.

Learn more about Budget optimization here.

Bidding strategy

When setting up your ad groups, you define your bidding strategy based on your business objective. There are four bidding strategies available - you can use your ad group's daily budget to maximize conversions, impressions, clicks, or engagement, depending on your primary campaign goal. Our algorithm will ensure appropriate bidding optimization for reaching the set goals.

For the Conversions Bidding strategy, a pixel conversion definition (goal) must be selected. This pixel must be accurately tracking events to ensure our algorithm can learn and optimize towards the selected goal. When maximizing impressions, clicks, or engagement you can also set a bid limit, but please be aware this can hurt the pacing of your campaign.

The Manual bidding strategy (formerly known as Target bidding) is tailored to fit niche cases where the experienced dashboard user expects to have full control over bids. As such, it requires significantly more attention from the user during ad group flight than our default automatic bidding strategy. Manual bidding supports only CPC and CPM target strategies while Maximizing conversions as a strategy is not available in the manual bidding section - it relies heavily on automated optimization algorithms.

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