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Run a MSN Performance Campaign
Updated over a week ago

MSN is Microsoft's news, videos, and photos aggregator across the web, mobile, and PC environments that delivers trusted, best-in-class premium content from top media providers to online users. Within its portal structure, MSN offers paid content inventory in multiple formats. Zemanta One is also leveraging this inventory and delivering engaging creatives and ads across Native, Display, and Video.

Start an MSN-only Campaign today

1. Within your campaign, create a separate Ad Group or clone the existing ones.

2. Download the MSN Allow List.

3. Use the Publishers & Placements menu to upload the list. Make sure to check the Include subdomains checkbox.

4. Navigate to your newly created Ad Group settings and apply the Publishers & Placement targeting by including the list that you have uploaded.

IMPORTANT: Make sure all media sources are enabled since MSN publisher is available through multiple media sources. Do not worry, we understand the importance of supply path optimization. We make sure you always pay the most optimal amount for each impression.

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