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How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication
How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication

This guide will show you how to disable your 2FA

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Two-factor authentication, otherwise known as 2FA or two-step verification is an extra layer of security in which users provide two separate ways to verify themselves before they can access their account. Due to circumstances beyond control, such as theft, loss or damage, users may lose access to their 2FA. Users may also decide to use the app without the 2FA. This article provides a step by step guide to to disabling 2FA.

To disable 2FA, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Bitnob app

  • Click Actions

  • Click Settings

  • Scroll down the page

  • Click Disable 2FA under the security option.

Congratulations you have successfully disabled your 2FA.

***Kindly note that Bitnob would not be held responsible for the loss or theft of assets in your account upon the self disabling of 2FA on your Bitnob account.

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