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Why is my card payment failing?
Why is my card payment failing?

This article gives the different reasons your card payment might be failing

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1. Insufficient Balance: Card payments fail if the amount in your card is less than the total amount on the service you are paying for. This is the most common reason why card payments fail.

Solution: We advise you confirm the amount on your card is enough to cover the payment for the service including the taxes and the card's minimum balance.

2. Merchant Control: In some cases, security measures are placed on cards by the service or the merchant for reasons like; IP and card location issues, card details and balance issues.

Solution: In cases like this, we advise users to reach out to the service for confirmation on this.

3. Regional Payment Issue: Some services place control on transactions to ensure the payers location matches the currency the card is denominated in. For example, cards denominated in USD are typically rejected by Apple if your device's region is not the United States.

Solution: We advise that you change the region on your device/store to the United States so as to match the card location.

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