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Shop On AliExpress Without A Virtual Card (Shopaa)
Shop On AliExpress Without A Virtual Card (Shopaa)

This article will help you navigate the Shopaa feature and answer all the pressing questions you may have about it.

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What is Shopaa?

It is a feature on the Bitnob app that allows you to pay for your AliExpress orders without needing any type of card.

Who can use Shopaa?

Anyone can use the Shopaa feature.

If you're experiencing payment issues with your virtual card, a personal shopper making purchases for other people on AliExpress, or you're not interested in owning a virtual card, this feature is for you.






  • Transaction Fee

$1.50 below $100

1% & $1 above $100

  • Tax

Country Specific

Transaction Limit

The minimum order amount to place is $5, excluding shipping fees.

This means the total amount of the items you want to buy on AliExpress should not be less than $5.


How can I place an order on AliExpress without using a card?

  • Login to your Bitnob account

  • Click on the “Start Shopping” banner

  • Follow the prompts and tap “Let’s get started”

  • Tap “I already have items in my cart”

  • Check the “Terms & Conditions” box and tap on “Next”

  • Tap on “Upload screenshot(s)”

  • Tap on “Upload” to upload the screenshot of your cart

  • Wait for your screenshots to be reviewed

  • Once your screenshots are reviewed, you can view your order summary

  • Then, tap “Next”

  • Confirm or Input your personal information. (Country, Address details, and primary phone number).

  • Tap on “Next”

  • You’ll see your overall summary including fees

  • Tap “Place Order” and voila! Your order has been placed.

  • Be on the lookout for your confirmation ID and tracking details.

Can I link my AliExpress account with your Bitnob account?

No. You cannot link your AliExpress account with Bitnob.

Do I need to fund my virtual card to make payments?

No, you only need to fund your USD account.

Do my Coupon codes, Welcome deals and Personal discounts apply?

They do not apply at the moment.

Can I use Shopaa to shop on other e-commerce platforms besides AliExpress?

Currently, you can only use the Shopaa option on AliExpress.

How do I add funds to my Bitnob accounts for shopping on AliExpress?

To fund your Bitnob USD account. Click the link below for a step-by-step guide.

Can I track my orders after using Shopaa for AliExpress payments?

Yes. An email containing the tracking details will be sent to you when it is updated on ALiExpress. This may take up to 72 hours or more, depending on the store/merchant. It’ll also be updated on your Shopaa dashboard when we receive it.
To track your items, click on the link below

Is this feature available for AliExpress users in all countries?

Yes, as long as you are registered on the Bitnob app, you can access the Shopaa feature.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with a transaction made using Bitnob for AliExpress payments?

You can contact support directly within the app using the “?” button.

How is shipping handled?

Once your payment is confirmed, shipping is solely handled by the logistics company provided by AliExpress e.g. Speedaf for Nigeria.

However, you can track your orders using other logistics company sites provided when your order is updated on the Shopaa dashboard.

Is my personal information secure on Shopaa?

Yes, your personal information is protected and secure.

Bitnob implements policies designed to protect the confidentiality and security of your data, including a privacy protection policy.

Why was my order rejected?

There are different reasons why your order will be rejected.

  • The entire image of your cart was not captured.

  • The image shared is unrelated to the item(s) on your cart.

  • The balance in your USD account is not sufficient for your order.

  • There was a welcome deal, a personal discount, or a coupon code on your order


Can I return or dispute a purchase made with Shopaa on AliExpress?

Yes, you can.

To do this,

  • Tap on your order update on the homepage

  • You’ll see your order history page

  • Tap on the “?” at the bottom right corner of your screen

  • It’ll lead you to chat with customer support

Or, you can tap on the “?” from your homepage for assistance.

What do I need to process my return?

  • Send the picture and video of the item you want to return to the support team on the app.

  • Give the reason for returning the item. Please choose from the main reasons below;

    • The item doesn’t match the description

    • The item is defective or doesn’t work

    • The item is damaged

    • Part of the item is missing

After you have done this, you will receive feedback when AliExpress responds.

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