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Mute / Un-mute program notifications
Mute / Un-mute program notifications

Mute your program so that you don't get bombarded by client performance entries or comments

Updated over a week ago

Not every program you might deliver on FITR may include coach interaction. You may create a program that is very much 'do it yourself'.

You may also give free programs away to entice clients onto your paid programs.

There's therefore lots of reasons why you may not want to receive performance notes into your feed from clients following these programs. Muting a program's notifications is a great way to make sure your feed only includes the information you really want to know about.

The first way to do this is to head into the settings area of the program and toggle this setting to your required option:

You can also use the quick action button from the ... menu next to the program name on your main list:

And then again to turn them back on:

Please note that you will continue to receive notifications about signs up/downloads and continued subscriptions and cancellations where applicable.

If you need more help, please contact us on live chat.



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