How to Create a Suspension

What is a Suspension and how to create Suspensions?

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What is a Suspension? 

Suspensions are non-chargeable periods of rental, this could be due to bank holidays, equipment breakdowns, Christmas shutdown or account agreed suspensions due to site shutdowns.  

You can create a suspension for companies, places, accounts, orders and order items.

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Creating a Suspension 

When you want to suspend charging, select suspensions from the navigation bar from the Products and Services menu. 

To add a new Suspension, select the blue Add Suspension option. This will take you to this screen:

You will then need to fill in the following areas:

  • Suspension Reason - Reason for the suspension. This is a List of Values that you can add your own reasons to

  • Description - You can then add in a description if further details are required 

  • Date Range - This is the date you would like the suspension from and to

Type -  this is a mandatory field that specifies the type of suspension you would like to apply

  • Company - This will apply the suspension to everything in your company

  • Place - This will apply to anything on an order with this place 

  • Account - This will apply to any orders for this account

  • Order - This is to suspend a specific order

  • Order Item - This is to suspend a specific order item

Once you have finished adding in the details, click the green Add Suspension button to create the suspension.

If a suspension has been applied, the suspension will appear in the following areas: 

  • On the Invoice, note: if it is for one order item it will appear under the specified order item on the invoice

  • On the Invoice Overview screen 

  • Against the Order Item  

To delete a suspension, select Suspensions from the navigation bar from the Products and Services menu. You can select the bin icon and it will pop up a menu to ensure you are happy to delete this suspension, simply say yes if you are. 

Note: If it is referenced against an invoiced item you will be unable to delete the suspension. 


Can I suspend by site/customer/order?

Yes, simply use the Type dropdown and the Name box which appears and this will apply your suspension to your chosen area.

Can I set up my own suspension reasons?

Currently the options in the Reason dropdown cannot be changed in the system but you could use the Description box to make notes for why the suspension has been applied.

Can I change the suspension dates after they’ve been applied?

Yes, if the items have not been invoiced yet, simply edit the suspension and change the dates.

Will the suspension apply to all products?

No, suspensions only apply to items where its No Suspensions setting is No, as there may be some products which are constantly in use and should never get suspended.

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