How to Create a Service

What is a Service and How to Create Services?

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What is a Service? 

As well as renting or selling products, you might also supply services. For example, some products might require setup or operation, or you might provide additional services such as consultancy or drivers.

The service feature in OnRent can assist you with managing your additional services: 

  • Create a list of the services that you supply

  • Add services to an Order and choose how you charge

  • Allocate users and contacts as resources to your services

How do Services work?

Services work in a similar way to products and stock levels. A person or service isn’t added directly to an order. Rather, a person is made a bookable resource for a service that you add to an order. 

For example:

You might set up a service called “Crane Driver” with a day rate of $100.

Once added, you can make a contact or user a bookable resource for that service.

Then, you’ll add the “Crane Driver” service to an order and can pick from a list of bookable resources to assign a user or contact. 

Get Started

Create a service

On your navigation bar > Products and Services > Services > To add, remove, and edit Services.

To add a new Service, select Add Service and it will take you to a new screen.

You then also need to add in the following details: 

  • Service Name - The name of the service 

  • Service Code -  This is the unique code for the service 

  • Service Description - Any further information you would like to add regarding this service

  • Active  - Is the service active? Yes or No

  • Service Type - This is a list of values which can contain bespoke types of Services

  • Discountable - Is the service discountable on an order? Yes or No

  • No Suspensions - Is this service able to be suspended? Yes or No

  • Rate Definition - Select the rate definition that could be associated to the service e.g. Daily Rate, Weekly Rate

  • Tax Class - Categories or classifications that you set against your products, accounts and services

  • General Ledger Template - General ledger template is a method to track financial records, you may have specific Service General Ledger Templates for more information on General Ledgers, please see our guide

  • Surcharges - You can assign surcharges that you can apply to an order e.g. Cleaning Charge or Standing Time

When you've finished, hit the green Add Service button.

Adding a Bookable Resource 

To add a bookable resource, go to the User or Contact you would like to make a bookable resource and change bookable resource to Yes. You can then add a service to a User or Contact.  

Bookable Resources can also be used as labour or assigned jobs in Works Orders.

Import Services 

You can also import your Services in System Setup > Utilities > Import Data  

Edit & Delete Services

To edit services, head to navigation bar > Products and Services > Services, find the Service that you’d like to edit in the list and click on the it to see the service overview screen, you can click the pencil to make any changes. 

You can also delete a service too. You need to ensure these groups are empty of any resources. You can only delete them when there are no resources in them or if they haven't been associated to an order or invoice. 

To delete the service click the bin icon and it will pop up a menu to ensure you are happy to delete this service, simply say yes if you are! 

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