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OnRent enables your rental business to access live planned equipment availability from anywhere. You will have a complete view of the availability of your equipment helping you to respond faster to customers to ensure the right equipment is available at the time they need it.

Navigate seamlessly across multiple screens within OnRent to get live insight into stock availability, location and status. Check out the Stock View and Availability screens to get you started with delivering a more productive service.

Stock View Screen

The stock view screen provides you with a complete 360-view of all of your equipment, including live availability, next maintenance due and the Order it's currently on. Have full control over your equipment on any device, anywhere. This screen is typically designed for businesses that need to see what is available right now, not at a particular date and time in the future.

Head to Products & Services > Stock View to get started.

To quickly lookup a product, use the global search option or simply select your products for a breakdown by category.

Hover over the product and click Preview to load up a snapshot of the item.

Here we can view item details, associated orders/invoices and maintenance records.

The Stock View also shows a quick breakdown of the availability of the items within the products you’ve selected.

  • Held

    Total Quantity of items you own for that product

  • Provisional

    Quantity of items appearing on Provisional Orders

  • Ordered

    Quantity of allocated or unallocated items on Orders

  • Unavailable

    Quantity of items classed as Unavailable within that product

  • Available

    Quantity of items currently Available, which is calculated as Held – (Provisional + Ordered + Unavailable)

You can also filter out any items with a zero quantity (for example they have been sold off / disposed of) by using the button as shown below.

Availability Screen

The availability screen shows how much stock you have available now and in the future. This is handy if you have customers who ask for equipment on a particular date in advance and you want to see if you can fulfil the demand. OnRent breaks down each type of order your equipment is on by date, product or depot, helping you forward plan with your equipment.

When an item is in stock, the number available will be displayed in green. If there is a shortage of an item, this will be displayed in red.

You also can create buffer percentages which will display in amber if you're running low on stock and need a quick prompt.

Simply enter your search criteria for a quick glance of your availability in OnRent.

There are 5 different categories within the table for your stock:

  • Quoted

    • Quantity appearing on Quotes

  • Provisional

    • Quantity appearing on a Provisional Order (not yet converted to a full Order)

  • Ordered

    • Quantity on Orders, either allocated or unallocated

  • Sub Rented

    • Quantity which have been sub rented on orders

  • Unavailable

    • Quantity currently marked as unavailable, e.g. Damaged/Lost etc

The header in the table shows the number of stock available for that date and the total stock held (in brackets). The colour will be green if there is a positive number available, but red if there is a shortage.

The number of Available stock will be reduced by stock which is Quoted (if Include Quotes is set to Yes), Provisional, Ordered or Unavailable.

Additionally, you can also use the Shortages Only filter to hide everything which doesn’t have a shortage, which is a useful way of knowing which equipment to order in.

Product Availability

Being able to home in on a particular product to dive into the detail of what makes up the availability is easy.

Simply go to the Products & Services > Availability menu on the left, filter to find your product from the list and click on the blue link on the left hand side of the screen.

Note: You can also access the Product Availability from the Products page and you can also see it on the Rental Order page by clicking on the menu on the right hand side of the item list.

On the product page:

On the order item list:

Then, you'll be able to drill down into the Product Availability screen. This allows you to see all of the orders that make up the total requirement on the overall availability.

The dates selected on the previous screen as well as other settings are taken through, here you can use the filter at the top of the screen to include or exclude sections relevant to what you're looking at.

If you tap or hover over the ? icon on the sections you can see what is shown in this area:

If you click or tap the target icon you can see the Delivery & Collection date.

If you haven't yet allocated an asset number to a booking (if the item is individually numbered for example, or a bulk item has not yet been picked) the status shows as reserved.

If you have allocated an asset number to a booking, you will see which one on the right of the order number as shown below.

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