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Learn how to add accounts to OnRent. Part 5 of our Quick Start collection.

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Accounts are companies that you do business with. These could be Suppliers, Partners, Customers or Contractors. Accounts are required to create orders and invoices in the system. Read further to learn how to create them!

📝 Add an Account

Head to Customers > Accounts and click Add Account to get started.

You'll see the 'New Account' screen:

Key Details

  • Name

    The name of the customer, this could be a company name or the name of a person.

  • Number
    If you have an account number for this customer from your accounting software, you can add it here.

  • Type
    Choose from customer, supplier, partner or contractor. Use the supplier type to create Purchase Orders in the system.

  • Address
    The billing address for the customer. Automatically created as the primary billing address for the customer upon creation.

  • Payment Terms

    Apply your customers specific invoicing terms here. Create your own payment terms in System Setup > Payment Terms.

Note: You'll need to head to the Address and Additional Info tabs to add in this information.

📄 Want to upload your accounts via a spreadsheet?

You might want to import accounts in bulk using an existing spreadsheet or an exported file from a CRM.

If you do feel this would be a more appropriate option for you, check out our guide: Importing and Exporting Data

🔗 Using one of our integrated accounting options?

Import your customer list at the click of a button using our import tool. Chat with a member of our team in the blue help bubble to learn more. ↘️

✅ Next Steps

With customers sorted, you can now take a look at adding rates to your products! Click the link below to get started.

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