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How to add teammates with the right roles and permissions to your workspace

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After your company workspace is created, you can invite or approve team members to join.

Quick tutorial on how to invite teammates:

Invite a teammate to your workspace

2 options to invite your teammates, both are located on the bottom-left corner of your navigation:

  • Click Account Settings, and then invite teammate

  • Click Invite Teammates

Once you have clicked "Invite Teammates", a pop-up opens:

Fill it with your teammate first name, last name, email and assign them the relevant role.

Note you cannot assign your teammate a role with more permissions than yours.

Here is a quick reminder on roles:

These roles cannot be customized.

Approve teammates who have signed up

Quick tutorial:

Your teammates can sign up on their own to join your workspace.

They will not be granted access automatically, and admins will be notified by email of their request.

From your account settings, you will be able to grant them access by assigning them a licence and a role.


I cannot assign a licence to my teammate:

Your licences number is limited based on your Reveal plan. Check the number of licences you have left, and reassign them if you have reached your limit.

I get a "Oh snap something broke" when trying to invite a teammate:

It means either this teammate already has an account on Reveal or was invited in the past. Check your teammates list and invitation for that user and reach out to our support for help!

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