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How to navigate your Partners homepage

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🚧 Only Admin or Partnership Manager roles can manage partner connections 

Your Partners homepage is your one-stop shop for managing your connected partners on Reveal.

From here you can see all connected partners as tiles where you can open their individual Partner settings, Partnership Overview scorecard, and shared Account Mapping.

Suggested Partners

Reveal will match you with potential partnerships based on your needs.

You'll find them at the very top of your homepage. Click on the '+' to invite them to connect, and we will send your invite to their workspace Admin. You can also dismiss the suggestion by clicking the 'x' button

Invite a new partner

You can send an invite to one of your partners to connect on Reveal at any time.

If they already use Reveal then great, they know the drill and will accept your invite quickly. If they are not yet on Reveal, no worries, we'll take care of onboarding them πŸ˜‰.

Your point of contact at the partner company will receive an email with your invite and 3 follow-ups over the course of 2 weeks if they don't respond to your invite.

🚨 Inviting a partner is not the same as agreeing to share data. 
Both will need to enable sharing with each other to see the Account Mapping.

Partner tiles

There are three main sections you can access in each partner tile:

  • Partner Settings β€” configure how data will be shared with this specific partner.

  • Partnership Overview scorecard β€” a preview of the customer and contact overlaps between you both, before seeing more detailed information.

  • Account Mapping β€” shows you the detailed information on mapped accounts from your data sources.

Accept a partner invitation

When you receive a partnership invitation from another company on Reveal, it will also show up among your tiles like this πŸ‘‡. You can accept or decline accordingly.

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