Offline Account Mapping

How to create an Offline Account Mapping

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Note: For Partner Manager and Admin roles only

You can create an Offline Account Mapping with your partners without needing to send an invite by uploading a CSV file that they shared with you.

How it works:

  1. Go to the 'Invite New Partner' tile.

  2. Click on 'Create' and add a new Partner.

  3. Upload the CSV file from your partner.
    ​Tip: Use the Reveal CSV Template to make it easier to set up in the next steps.

  4. Match the CSV columns with Reveal's standard columns.

  5. Define the Status Rules.
    ​Tip: How are Customers, Prospects, and Partners defined in the CSV file?

  6. Import any Custom fields.

Here's a video showing how to upload an offline mapping:

Offline Account Mappings are then displayed on your home page as a new tile with an 'offline' icon, as shown below:

3 Steps when importing CSV files

Tip: Send your partner the Reveal CSV Template to easily match fields to set up instant Account Mapping.

After you upload a CSV file, you have 3 set up steps to complete in order to compute the Account Mapping:

  1. Column mapping: Map the CSV columns with Reveal's standard Columns.

  2. Status rules: How are Customers, Prospects, and Partners in the CSV file?

  3. Custom fields

  1. Column mapping

2. Status rules

Offline Partners and Reveal Pipeline

You can add accounts to your Reveal Pipeline from an Offline Account Mapping, or assign an 'Offline partner' to an account in your Reveal Pipeline.
In this way you can keep track of the opportunities that you are collaborating on with this partner, even if they haven't joined Reveal.

Why create an offline mapping?

You can create an offline mapping for multiple reasons:

  • Your partner is not on Reveal (yet) but is willing to share a file with you. Our recommendation is to push them to share their data subset through a Google Sheet you provide them with, so that they can easily modify and refresh their data and it reflects directly in Reveal.

  • You have an attendee list for an event, and you want to map it against your data base and your partners

  • Explore a new vertical

Learn more here:

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