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Release Notes - February 2023
Release Notes - February 2023
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  • Salesforce widget: Get Intro (in Beta - contact us to ask access)

Sales users in Salesforce can now request an introduction to partners directly through the Salesforce widget. The intro request will send an email + create a Pipeline item in Reveal for your Partner Manager.

  • Pipeline Updates

A new stage column has been added so it's easier for your team to track the status of Pipeline items. Also if a partner pipeline is shared, you can now view archived results and export their pipeline to a CSV.

  • Directory Updates

We have added 4 new tabs to the directory to further narrow down prospective partners based on your criteria. They are:

  • All: Shows all companies on the Reveal directory.

  • Partners from your CRM: Companies that are already your partners, but you haven’t connected with yet on Reveal.

  • Recommended by Reveal: Companies that you share high account overlaps with.

  • Companies you may know: Additional companies that we think you’d like to connect with.


  • Restrict partner data from syncing back to your CRM (Salesforce and HubSpot users only)

If you have sensitive partner data on Reveal that you don’t wish to be synced back to your CRM, you can now exclude it. Add a tag to partners that you wish to exclude and then you can include that specific tag under the ‘Sync to CRM’ section on the Integrations page.

  • Instantly sync data from Google Sheets to Reveal

With the new “Sync Now” button under the Sources menu, you can instantly sync updated data from your Google Sheet to Reveal.

  • Choose what you share when accepting an invite

When accepting an invite from a partner, you can now easily specify what level of data sharing you want with the Partner.

  • CC’ed in the email when sending an invite

You can now choose to be CC’ed in the partner invitation email when sent from the Directory or the Invite page.

  • Partner Page Updates

We’ve made updates to the partner page to include more key information directly on the tiles. This time we’ve added:

  • Partner Owners

  • # of Overlaps, Market Overlap %, Persona Overlap %

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