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HubSpot: Update a Company Property using a Deal Field
HubSpot: Update a Company Property using a Deal Field

With this Process for workflow you will be able to create a new property in your Hubspot at the Company Level with Deal level data.

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If you primarily use Deals in HubSpot, you will notice that you are not able to define your Status Rules using Deal properties (such as Deal stage). There is a simple way to update a Company property in HubSpot using Deal properties. You can set this up using Workflows in HubSpot --> HubSpot help guide here.

From HubSpot you can access Workflows, then set up a basic workflow so that a Company property, such as Lifecycle stage, is updated based on a Deal property.

Step 1) At the Company level, create a text property for example - reseller__c

  • Go to your account Settings

  • On the left menu, select Properties

  • In the Properties page, select on drop down menu: “Company properties”

  • Click the orange button to Create property

  • Create a text property called reseller__c

Step 2) Set up a flow that will automatically update Company records

1. Start a new Deal-based flow

  • From the top menu, go to Automation > Workflows

  • Click Create workflow

  • In the left panel, select Start from Scratch > Deal-based

2. Define the trigger step

  • In your workflow builder, click Set up triggers

  • Under Filter type, click Deal

  • Enter the field in your Deal records that represents the Reseller partner

In this example, the field at the Deal level is named ‘Reseller partner’ and it is a checkbox field.

3. Define the action step

  • Click + to build the next step in the flow

  • Scroll the list and select Set property value

  • Enter the form fields as shown below

    The final flow should look like this:

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