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HubSpot Data Package

Discover what is the Reveal's HubSpot Data Package and find out what you can do with Reveal properties

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With the Reveal Power plan, you'll have access to the HubSpot data package if that's your CRM.

The data package enables you to export data from Reveal into HubSpot via API, empowering your marketing and sales team that will be able to access Nearbound data directly from HubSpot and not only from the Reveal platform.

How to access the data package?

The first thing to do is make sure the data package is installed and for that you'll only need to contact Reveal and let us know when you’re ready to start pushing Reveal data into HubSpot. No further action is needed on your end and we'll make sure to start pushing data!

Once we confirm the installation, you'll be able to access new properties regarding Reveal data by going:

Settings > Data Management > Properties > Company properties > Groups > Reveal

These fields come in a package therefore they shouldn't be edited, archived or deleted.

HubSpot admins are able to assign the view of these properties to users and teams though, making it easy to give or remove access to these properties based on the relevance to a certain type of user.

Which properties will I find in the data package?

In the data package, we include 9 properties by default, being:

What can I do with these properties?

Improve company view

These company properties that have been just created can be added to your view by you or your HubSpot admin. The properties are displayed on the left side of a company like below and you're able to customize your view with the right properties you want to see:

Use Reveal properties to filter companies

You can use the Reveal properties to leverage partnership knowledge and prioritize accounts based on that, something specially valuable for Account Executives and Sales teams.

Dynamic lists can be set up to enable your Marketing team to run targeted campaigns on audiences of contacts/companies, listed as customers of specific partners.

Set up workflows to help your teams

You use Reveal properties to create workflows to notify Account Executives that a prospect of theirs is a customer of a partner to reach out and gather some intelligence or request an introduction - or even a prospect of a partner to co-sell for example.

The same can be done to your CSM team so they can be notified when a customer is a customer of a Partner and setup an integration to push product stickiness.

Here's an example of a workflow using Reveal properties:

Build custom reports and dashboards

In HubSpot you're able to build reports and dashboard with company properties. Now that you have Reveal properties at company level, you can include them in new and old reports to include partnership insights.

Partnership teams can create dashboards to evaluate each partnership and work on the most profitable ones:

If you need any help with Reveal's HubSpot data package, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or 😃

Note: This feature is part of the Reveal premium integration 🔒

To unlock this feature for your Hubspot🔓

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