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Reveal x HubSpot
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Connect HubSpot to Reveal

Note: For Admin users only.

Step 1:

Navigate to the sources page on Reveal and click on “Connect new CRM”.

Step 2:

Click the “Connect” button next to HubSpot.

Step 3:

Authorize Reveal to connect to HubSpot.

How to disconnect HubSpot from Reveal

From your sources page, switch the toggle next to your HubSpot data source from “Connected” to “Disconnected”.

Note: Reveal will no longer fetch updated data from your HubSpot instance after disconnecting. Disconnecting will not impact your existing account mappings. 

Installing the Reveal HubSpot App

Note: This is a premium on-demand feature.


The Reveal HubSpot App lets you push Reveal data back into HubSpot to maximize revenue and track partnerships' ROI.

You can use the Reveal HubSpot App to:

  • Target Nearbound Leads:

Harvest qualified accounts from your ecosystem that are on average 43% more likely to convert into opportunities / closed business.

  • Push Reveal data from HubSpot across your stack to maximize success:

    • For Sales teams: Push Reveal data to Outreach, SalesLoft, and HubSpot Sales Hub.

    • For Customer Success teams: Push Reveal data to Gainsight, Churnzero, and the HubSpot Service Hub.

    • For Marketing teams: Push Reveal data to Google Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and Facebook Business Manager.

  • Instantly See Account Overlaps:

Quickly identify which of your partner's customers matches with a Company or Deal record your HubSpot CRM—in other words, which partners can help you close more revenue opportunities.

  • Hyper-tailored Marketing:

Win more attention with your prospects using insights into their tech stack and ecosystem relationships.

  • Grow with the Right Partners:

Identify top companies to partner with using real-time data on your account overlaps and revenue potential.


  1. HubSpot connected to Reveal as a data source.

How to install

  1. Contact your Reveal CSM when you’re ready to start pushing Reveal data into HubSpot. No further action is needed on your end!

  2. Under your property settings in HubSpot, you will see a new group of properties titled ‘Reveal’.

  3. Ensure your HubSpot admin grants users the relevant permissions to access these new properties.

  4. Start leveraging Reveal data in HubSpot:

    1. Setup Reveal property "Is a customer of" in your Company Association card.

    2. Set up the views for your AEs and your CSM to access partner insight on their entire portfolio of accounts in 1 click.

    3. Set up customized workflows for real-time notifications.

Contact your Reveal CSM if you need help with the above steps!

How to uninstall

Let your Reveal CSM know that you no longer wish to push data from Reveal to HubSpot and we’ll take care of the rest!

Note: After the uninstallation, you will no longer see updated Reveal properties in HubSpot. Uninstallation has no effect on your existing HubSpot data. 


What happens if I don't have properties at the Company level to sync to Reveal?
Check out this HubSpot article on how to bulk edit your Company records so they can be visible in Reveal.

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