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Postback Integration (Binom)
Postback Integration (Binom)
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This instruction assumes that postback between Binom and the affiliate network has already been configured according to the instructions in the Binom Documentation

1. Make sure that the {externalid} macro is configured in the Binom traffic source

In Binom you need to go to the source on the Traffic Sources tab and set the parameter:

Get a final link like:

2. Get a link to register conversions in your personal account in the "Events" section.

While setting up campaigns/ads the "Destination URL" must be filled in with the link from the tracker.

Select Binom from the list of trackers to get postback links

The system returns a link like:

4. The final step will be setting up s2s postback between the advertising network and Binom.

Outgoing postback can be assigned at two levels:

In the settings of the traffic source in Postback URL;
In the settings of a separate campaign in Advanced Settings > S2S Postback.
If both postbacks are specified, the tracker will send both. Settings at the traffic source level will apply to all campaigns with this source; campaign settings will apply only within this campaign.

It is recommended to specify the postback link at the campaign level
Binom Documentation

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