By default, every organization has an administrator with an 'Account owner' permission group. An Account owner has access to every page and subtab in their Amilia back-office.

When you have multiple administrators managing the day-to-day operations of your organization, you can determine what information and actions you want them to have access to within your back-office. You can create and assign administrators to different groups, each with their own set of access permissions. 

How it Works

1. List of Administrators
   - Add an Administrator

2. Manage Permission Groups

1. List of Administrators

Via the Account>Administrators subtab, a list of your existing administrators is visible.

  • Click +New Administrator to add a new one.

  • Click Edit to toggle the Status and Permission group of an existing administrator.

  • Click on the existing administrator's Permission group to see details on their access level.

  • You cannot delete an administrator. You must edit their status to Disabled.

Add an Administrator

Click on +New administrator:

  • Type in their Name and Email address.

  • To allow access, toggle their status to Active.

  • Choose the permission group they should be assigned to and click Save.

  • NOTE: If you save an administrator with the wrong email information, you must Disable their status and create a new administrator with the correct email.

  • You can edit the name, status and access level of administrators at any time via the Account>Administrators subtab.

  • An account owner cannot edit their own access level. Contact us at if necessary.

2. Manage Permission Groups

Permission groups can be tailored to provide employees the specific access they need to your Amilia back-office. Only an account owner can manage permission groups.

Via the Account>Administrators subtab:

  • Click Manage permission groups.

  • Click Add to create a new permission group and customize the access levels.

  • Click your cursor in the name field to edit the group's name. 

  • Click on the pencil icon to view and customize an existing permission group.

  • NOTE: Editing a permission group updates the permission settings for all employees that share the same permission group.

  • Click the X icon to delete a permission group. You cannot delete a group while there are admins assigned to it.

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