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Sell merchandise in your online store.

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If you don’t already sell merch, SmartRec’s merchandise feature is a great way to start! We make it easy to promote your items in a designated section of your store, suggest/require they be added to the cart when purchasing an activity or online facility booking, and accessible through our Point of Sale

In this article we'll look at:

1. How to Configure Merchandise

To get started, go to the Store>Merchandise subtab and click + New Merchandise.


  • The item's Name and Description appears in the store.

  • Link Tags to improve searchability in the store. 

  • The Cost price is not seen by clients. The Selling price shows in the store.

  • Link the appropriate ledger code to your item for reporting purposes.

  • Are Taxes not included, included or waived? 

  • Add a Discount ($ or %) to the selling price. In this case, it's to show a price markdown on an item. It can be added or removed at any time.

Service add-on

You may need to offer extra services as participants register to an activity. Whether you're offering a meal, a bus ride or before/after care, Service add-ons can be an easy way to keep track of it all in one place!


Before choosing the item's shipping options, make sure to select what type of shipping you support in the Store>Merchandise>Shipping subtab.

Methods of payment

Select the accepted methods of payment.

Inventory tracking 

  • Enter a SKU or any other product identifier.

  • Select an inventory tracking policy for the item. If you choose Automatic tracking based on quantity, the quantity is tracked with each sale/cancellation that occurs.

  • Enter the starting Quantity of your merchandise.

🔴 This section only applies if your item doesn't have variants. If you're selling a t-shirt in different sizes, use the Merchandise variants section further down the page.

Store Display 

  • Choose to Always show, Only show when in stock or Keep hidden.

  • Add an image. The Thumbnail shows in your Merchandise gallery and the Full Image shows when clients click to see a detailed view of the item.

Suggested/mandatory merchandise

You may combine items to sell them as a package. Click + Add merchandise. and select from the window which existing items you'd like add as suggestions. Check the box to make the item mandatory (regardless if the participant has already purchased the item in the past).

Merchandise Variants

Use variants if your offer has different sizes, colors, seat sections, table numbers, etc. Keep in mind that once an item is sold, you can't modify the variants section. If necessary, you must archive the merchandise item and create a new one with the updated variant options. You can't use merchandise variants for items that are service add ons.

  • In the Variant column, write the name of your variant. It will appear in your store. 

  • If you're using SKUs, enter each variant’s SKU in the Identifier column.

  • Set the variant's inventory tracking policy and the available quantity. If you choose Automatic tracking based on quantity, the quantity is tracked with each sale or refund that occurs.

Don’t forget to Save when you're done!

2. Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of an item's cost price if clients don't see it?

If you indicate the cost price of an item, it'll appear alongside the selling price when you export the inventory report. It's an easy way to compare how much profit is being made vs the expense of your merchandise.

How is the discount option in merchandise different from other discounts?

The discount option in merchandise is basically a price markdown. The original selling price is crossed out and replaced with a new price that takes into consideration the amount in the Discount field.

Unlike automated and/or manual discounts and rebates, this merchandise option isn't recorded as a discount or credit in your reports. It's simply a way to show clients that the selling price of an item has been reduced.

How are service add-ons different from suggested/required merchandise?

Service add-ons allow organizations to create merchandise that can only be sold if a participant enrolls in applicable activities. The items also appears next to the participant's name when you generate attendance lists so you can quickly verify who purchased any.

* Last updated in January 2023

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