Optimize your hiring with SmartRec! Our Recruitment feature allows you to:

  • Create a personalized job posting center;

  • Customize public/private job posting descriptions and application forms;

  • Review and manage applications;

  • Manage your applicant's status: new, reviewed, interviewed, etc.; 

  • Convert newly hired applicants to your Staff Management roster.

How it Works

1.  Create your Job Page

2. Create and Post your Job
    - Create a Staff Form
    - New Job Posting
    - Delete/Close a Job Posting

3. Manage your Job Applicants

4. Hire your Applicant

1. Create your Job Page

The general public will access your public job openings on your Job posting page. which is accessible by link only. It is not accessible through your SmartRec Store.

  • Configure your job posting page in the Staff Recruitment>Recruitment Settings subtab. 

  • Click on 'View your job posting page' to access the page and copy the link. The general public will require this link to view your job posting page.  

  • Embed the URL on your organization's website or send it to desired parties.

  • Save to update your job posting page.

2. Create and Post your Job

Create, manage and view all job listings via the Recruitment>Jobs subtab.

To post a job you must:

  • Create the Staff form which your applicants will complete when applying for the position; and

  • Create the New Job posting and link your Staff form.

Create a Staff Form

You will be able to create an application form with all the questions your candidate will fill out. This form allows your applicant to communicate why they are the ideal candidate.

  • Create your Staff form in the Account>Forms subtab.

  • Staff forms consist entirely of Extra questions. Use existing extra questions or add new ones. Click here to learn more about Forms.

New Job Posting

Click on +New job posting and complete the fields under Staff>Recruitment>Jobs.

  • Visibility: Public job postings automatically appear on your Job page. Hidden job postings are only accessible via the Secret Link.

  • Secret Link: Populates after you've saved your Job posting. If your posting is hidden, send this link to desired recipients.

  • Facility: If you have created facilities, you can link a facility to your job posting. The facility's contact information will be displayed.

  • Forms: Assign the Staff form.

  • Save when finished.

Delete or Close a Job Posting

You can close or delete a job posting when the position has been filled or is no longer available.

  • Delete the posting if no applicants have applied. Deleted job postings cannot be retrieved.

  • Close the posting if the position has been filled or will be open later. Archived job postings will disappear from your list of Open Jobs.

To reactivate a Closed job, click on the job title and then 'Re-open (admin only)'.

You can view every job posting your organization has created in the Jobs sub-tab. Filter your postings by Status (Open, Closed or All).

3. Manage your Job Applicants

The Applications section allows you to see who has applied for which job. You can add notes to applicant profiles and Accept or Reject their request for hire.

Applicants can view and apply to job postings by:

  • Following an embedded link on your website to view Public postings; and\or

  • Using a Hidden link provided to them by an administrator to view Private postings.

  • Creating a personal Amilia account if they do not already have one so they can complete the Staff application form.

  • When a successful application is made, an email is sent to both the applicant and the administrator who created the Job posting.

  • If an administrator rejects an application, no email is sent to the applicant. 

4. Hire your Applicant

SmartRec offers a simple way to manage prospective employees and their application status by allowing you to track each stage of the hiring process.

View applications in the order they were submitted in the Applications subtab.

  • View an applicant's completed Staff form application by clicking on their Name.

  • View the Job Posting Edit page by clicking on it under the Job title column.

  • View the status of your applicants under the Status column.

To access someone's application, click on their name.

  • Add notes in the Admin Notes section. To save, click Add note.

  • Toggle your applicant's Status in the Control Panel. Changes are saved automatically and are also displayed in the Applications subtab.

  • Click Hire when you've found the right person for the job.

  • There are no automated emails sent to applicants and/or hired employees via the Staff Recruitment feature.  

SmartRec saves you an extra step by automatically updating your new staff member and their contact information in the Staff Management module.

This means you can immediately begin configuring their availability and assigning them to your activities! Be sure to let them know about our Amilia app for staff!

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