In the Account>Billing subtab, you can view your:

  1. Amilia invoice

  2. Account, billing contact, and merchant account information

  3. Amilia rates

👉 Only administrators with an ‘account owner’ or 'Organization-Billing and sales' permission can view this page in SmartRec.

1. Amilia Invoice

Invoices are usually available for download within the first week of each month. Amilia directly debits the amount owing from your organization's bank account, and the payment is posted upon receipt.

  • Invoices reflect the charges for the previous month. A statement received in January is for charges incurred in December. These charges are based off your Amilia rates, the volume of transactions, payment types processed and the services your organization offered during the billing period. Taxes vary depending on where your organization is located.

  • Click on the Invoice under the Type column to view it (as shown below). To view a breakdown of the charges in Excel, click Download under the Details column.

💸 Software rates

Software rates are established upon signing the Amilia contract. Note that we are referencing the standard price, although rates can vary with grandfather plans.

▪️ Monthly subscription: This rate is charged monthly for the Amilia subscription.

▪️ Service: A 1% fee is charged on each new invoice item generated in SmartRec. Commission per rental contract or booking with an invoice never exceeds $10. Automated discounts are considered before calculating the service fee. The service fee isn't reduced when a manual rebate or credit note is added to an invoice or in a client's account, nor is it reimbursed for canceled registrations and/or manual fees.

💸 Payment rates

A discount fee (%) and a flat rate fee ($) is charged on each credit card and/or eCheck transaction. Paysafe does not reimburse discount fees on reimbursed payments. In addition, there is a 0.30$ fee applied for online refunds.

▪️ Can/US credit card: 2.85% + $0.30 fee per credit card transaction processed through Amilia and/or with an integrated handheld terminal, and $0.30 fee per credit card refund.

▪️ eCheck: 1% + $0.50 transaction fee per eCheck processed directly through SmartRec.

💸 Network assessment fees

With Amilia Payment, all the payment processor's charges appear directly on your Amilia invoice.

▪️ Payment processing: Small fees applied by the credit card companies (Mastercard, Visa) for reasons such as foreign credit cards and improving online payment security.

▪️ Chargeback: If a client calls their bank to dispute a transaction, the credit card issuer can file a chargeback. The disputed payment is then debited from your merchant account (visible on the Merchant account page) and a chargeback fee (usually $25) will appear on your next Amilia invoice.

▪️ Reversal: In the case of a chargeback, if the client's bank determines there is no wrongdoing, it will reverse the payment back to your merchant account (visible on the Merchant account page) and a reversal credit will appear on your next Amilia invoice.

▪️ Return: 10$ is charged for each eCheck payment that fails or is reversed.

💸 Miscellaneous fees/credits

These can include fees for professional services (training), third-party apps, and/or credits in the event of a billing error.

2. Account, Billing Contact, and Merchant Account Information

Details about your account, billing contact and the payment processor (Paysafe) are available in the Billing subtab upon activating your organization's Amilia account. If you have any questions, please contact us at or speak directly with your Customer Success Manager.

Here's what you should know:

  • The contract start date refers to the most recent contract signed with Amilia. Included in the agreement is the payment type (e.g. pre-authorized debit) that Amilia is authorized to use to debit the balance owing on your invoice.

  • The Billing contact is sent an email letting them know the Amilia invoice is ready. Contact us at if you wish to update your billing contact.

  • The Merchant account information is only visible once your merchant account has been approved, and is required for you to process online credit card and/or eCheck payments.

3. Amilia Rates

Your Amilia rates are used to tally the software and payment charges on your monthly invoice. You can view how the rates were applied to each invoice item and/or transaction during the billing period by downloading the Breakdown.

  • To see how much service fees (i.e.,commission) was charged on each item invoiced (including rental contracts and administrator bookings with an invoice) click on the Software tab in the excel report.

  • To see how much fees were charged on each payment transaction via SmartRec (including payment transactions made with an integrated handheld terminal), click on the Payment tab in the excel report.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In a nutshell, which fees can I expect when making a transaction in SmartRec?

Service rate: a 1% rate is applied on each new invoice item generated in the platform.

Paysafe: A discount fee (%) and an authorization fee ($) are applied on each credit card and/or eCheck transaction.

Standard rate: 2.85% + 0.30$ for CC 1% + 0.50$ for eCheck

Automated Discounts: Will reduce the total service rate charge.

Custom Rebates/Manual Credits (-): Won't reduce the service rate charge.

Automated or Manual Fee/Service fee/Custom item (+): The service rate is applied.

Using a Scholarship/Giftcard/Credit at checkout: No payment rates are applied.

Replacement: No service rate is applied if the value of the new item is equal or less.

2. What are the NABU/APF fees found in the Network Assessment tab?

Every payment processor working with VISA & Mastercard are charged these non-negotiable fees. Amilia Payment allows you to see these fees (established by the card networks) in your detailed invoice.

  • NABU stands for Mastercard's Network Access and Brand Usage fees.

  • APF stands for VISA's Acquirer Processing Fee.

These small, extra fees are applied for various reasons, such as foreign credit cards. Overall, these fees shouldn't add up to more than a couple of dollars a month.

3. Am I charged the 1% service rate every time I edit a rental contract?

Anytime you modify a rental contract, it creates an invoice in SmartRec. The 1% service rate is only charged relative to what was added on the new invoice, meaning you're only charged the difference if the new invoice is higher than the original. Likewise, if you removed invoice items from the contract, the 1% service rate will be credited on those canceled items.

4. Is Banker's rounding used on Amilia's 1% service rate?

The 1% service rate is charged on each new invoice item created in SmartRec. Each amount is rounded using banker's rounding.

Bankers rounding is a commonly used method for rounding taxes. Rather than rounding 0.5 higher up, and 0.4 lower down, bankers rounding rounds 0.5 to the nearest even number. Essentially if the cent value of the tax total is odd, the 0.5 (half-cent) rounds upwards. If the cent value is even, the half-cent rounds downwards.

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