When creating an activity, you must establish its agenda in the Schedule & Resources section. Some activities may have varying schedules, staff, and locations on a weekly (or daily) basis.

Our tool streamlines activity scheduling by granting the ability to:

  • Create multiple schedules for each activity;

  • Assign facilities and staff per occurrence; and

  • Be notified of conflicts and address each one accordingly.

How it Works

If you are assigning Staff and Facilities to your activities, we recommend configuring their availability before defining your activity schedules; as this greatly improves identifying schedule conflicts.

1. Add Schedule(s).

2. Assign Staff and Facilities.

3. Verify your Occurrences.

4. Manage Schedule conflicts (if any).

1. Add Schedule(s)

Via Activities>Edit, complete the Information section of your activity before proceeding with the Schedule & Resources section.

  • Click 'Add Schedule'.

  • Recurrence: Does this schedule occur once, every day, every week or every month? NOTE: For weekly occurrences, personalize the schedule for each day of the week.

  • Define the frequency and Start/End Date.

Once you have completed your first schedule, hit 'Save'. If need be, add more than one schedule per activity under the Schedule & Resources section by clicking 'Add Schedule'.

2. Add Staff and Facilities

If you've created Staff and Facilities you can assign them to your activity.

  • 'Assign to facility' and\or 'Assign staff' for One-time, Daily and Monthly recurrences.

  • For Weekly recurrences refer to the 'Repeat on' section. Click '+Add a new schedule' to define Staff and Facilities for each day of the week the activity takes place.

  • NOTE: If multiple staff is assigned to different days, only one staffer's name shows in the Schedule & Resources section as well as in the store.

Facility schedules are automatically updated in the Facilities module. You can email your staff's schedule via Staff Management or they can access it using the Amilia app.

3. Verify your Occurrences

You may want to customize specific occurrences where activities are taking place on a different day, time, location and/or being supervised by another staff member. To modify an activity's individual instances, select 'Click here to save and modify the occurrence(s).'

  • Edit any instance without affecting the rest of the activity's schedule.

  • Apply filters to identify occurrences taking place during a certain date range and/or that are in conflict, during holidays, closed days or have been modified in the past. NOTE: Closed days/Holidays are configured via the Account>Calendar subtab.

4. Manage Schedule Conflicts

Amilia informs you of staff and facility scheduling conflicts in the following scenarios:

  • The facility and/or staff member is already scheduled to an activity at the same time;

  • The facility and/or staff member's availability was not defined for that day; and/or

  • The activity is in conflict with a holiday/closed day created via the Account>Calendar subtab.

If a scheduling conflict exists, a red + icon appears in the info window. By clicking on it, a drop-down menu specifies what is causing the conflict. Click the blue + icon to find out when.

When a conflict is identified, you may choose to:

NOTE: At any time, you can save and return to modify occurrences within an activity by accessing the Schedule & Resources section and selecting 'Click here to modify the occurrence(s)'.

Modify the Occurrence(s)

Each instance of an activity can be viewed and edited by selecting 'Click here to modify the occurrence(s).'

In this view, occurrences with conflicts are identified with a red +  icon. Click the icon to display the conflict information.

  • Below, the 15th of December shows an issue with the staff member. Their availability has not been set for that day. Adding to the staffer's availability or choosing a different staff member will resolve this conflict.

  • Be sure to address each conflict, if necessary.

  • You may cancel an occurrence by checking 'Skip'.

  • Click 'Continue' to save your occurrences.

NOTE: Most conflicts can only be identified if you've configured your Staff Availability and/or Facility schedules.

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