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What's the Difference Between Leads and Opportunities?
What's the Difference Between Leads and Opportunities?

Learn more about Leads and Opportunities.

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Customers come to Angi to research their projects and connect with skilled home services pros in their area. When a customer connects with your business through Angi Leads, we’ll send you their project details so you can follow up and try to win the job. We call these Leads and Opportunities.

Leads are a unique match between a real customer and a pro for a real project.

  • When the customer’s project matches your offerings and availability, you'll automatically receive the project details as a new lead.

  • The lead fee will be applied as soon as a new lead is received.

  • It's up to you to reach out to the customer and win the job.

Types of Leads


Counts towards monthly budget

Standard Leads

Pros have to reach out to the customer to win the lead.

  • A connection with a customer whose project matches your skills in your locations.

Yes - included in monthly budget

Appointment Leads

Pros have to confirm and arrive at the appointment at the specified time.

  • A customer books an appointment directly on your calendar.

  • To receive a notification and calendar invite, you must have your calendar synced - learn how to sync your calendar to Angi here.

  • Make sure to keep your calendar updated to maximize your availability for appointment leads.

Yes - included in monthly budget

Direct Call Leads

Angi instantly connects the customer and pro over the phone.

  • A customer requests to speak to a pro on the phone right away.

  • If you accept, you’ll be placed on a call to speak with the customer.

  • You'll be the first and only pro to speak to the customer for Direct Call Leads.

Yes - included in monthly budget

To opt into Direct Call and Appointment Leads, reach out to your account manager or Angi Customer Care at (877) 947-3639.

Opportunities are connections that you have the option to Show interest/accept or Pass.

  • Opportunities allow you to take on extra projects in addition to your leads. - they may fall outside your service tasks and location, or be sent when your leads are paused or your monthly budget has already been exhausted.

  • If both you and the customer choose to accept the connection, then the Opportunity becomes an Opportunity Lead, and you’ll be charged a lead fee outside of your monthly budget.

Types of Opportunities


Counts towards monthly budget


Opportunities are matches that you choose to accept or decline.

  • A customer may invite you to connect, or you can reach out to them first.

  • When you receive an Opportunity, you'll have the chance to review project details before accepting or declining.

  • You only pay the lead fee when both you and the customer accept the connection.

No - outside of monthly budget

As a reminder, leads are not guaranteed jobs - it’s important to follow-up quickly to improve your chance of winning the job.

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If you have questions or are experiencing any issues, start a chat with us during business hours and one of our Support Specialists will be able to assist!

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