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Migration of files from any other platform (e.g. Recharge, Bold, Seal) can be easily handled by following these steps:-

  • Make sure your Payment method is well connected eg: Stripe

    (Shopify Payments - V2 (version 2)

    Stripe, PayPal, or Authorize.net - V1 (version 1)

    Appstle does not support migration of any other payment methods than what is listed above due to limitations from Shopify)

  • We will need both the exported Subscription data of the platform from which you want to switch from (e.g. Recharge, Bold, Seal) and customer data files from the payment processor.

  • Please make sure the files you provide us, after the extraction, include key data/information fields.

    For example,

    The Customer data file should contain these fields.

    1. Email id - The email ID of the customer.

    2. ID - The customer ID.

    3. Card ID -The Card ID.

    The Subscription data should contain the following:

    1. ID - The Subscription ID.

    2. Status - The status of the subscription (Active/Paused/Cancelled).

    3. Customer email - The email ID of the customer.

    4. Delivery first name - The first name of the customer.

    5. Delivery last name- The last name of the customer.

    6. Delivery Address - The address which the customer wants the order delivered to.

    7. Delivery city - The city in which the delivery will be made.

    8. Delivery state/province code - The state or province of the delivery address (e.g. BC - British Columbia, CA - California, TN - Tamil Nadu).

    9. Delivery phone -The phone number of the customer.

    10. Delivery zip - The pin code or zip code of the delivery address (eg: K2K 1V5, 600078, 94087).

    11. Delivery country code - The country code of the delivery address (e.g. USA - United States of America).

    12. Delivery price amount - The sub-total of the order (only the price of the product or excluding any service, tax, delivery charges, etc).

    13. Next order date - The date of the next delivery.

    14. Billing interval type - Billing interval type refers to the interval type of the billing for the subscription (e.g. days or weeks or months)

    15. Billing interval count - The number of days/weeks/months after which the bill will be generated. (e.g. 1 (week) or 30 (days) or 2 (months). The value in this field will be read along with the value in S. No. 14 - Billing internal type)

    16. Delivery interval type - The delivery interval type refers to the interval type of the subscription (e.g. days or weeks or months)

    17. Delivery interval count - The number of days/weeks/months between 2 deliveries (the subscription interval). (e.g. 1 (week) or 30 (days) or 2 (months). The value in this field will be read along with the value in S. No. 16 - Delivery internal type)

    18. Quantity - The quantity of the product purchased.

    19. Price amount - The price of the product.

    20. Variant id - Each product has a particular ID. Similarly, each variant has an ID (eg: product: Shirt. Variant: red, blue, green, etc shirts)

      ​Note: If you have multiple products within the same subscription contract, there will be separate rows for each product listing in the contract with all the rows having the same subscription contract ID. However, the price, quantity, and variant ID will be different depending upon the product listing.

After extracting a file with the above-mentioned headers, please send them to our customer support team at subscriptions-support@appstle.com. If you have any issues with the extraction, please ping us. We will be ready to help!

Once we get the files, we will validate the data. If there are any issues with the data (e.g. missing fields or inputs), we will communicate it to you and ask you to correct it. The validation of data may take a few hours, and if corrections are required on your end, a back and forth communication can take place. Once the data is validated, we will start the import process, which will take a few hours. When subscriptions are imported, they will be in a paused state. This gives you an opportunity to review them and activate them at your own convenience. During the import period, we encourage you to also pause the subscriptions in the old app (e.g. Recharge, Bold, Seal). This will ensure that your customers do not get a double delivery and double charge.

Once everything is perfectly in order, we will guide you to re-start your subscription, after which the migration will be 100% complete and active on Appstle Subscriptions!.

​Don't hesitate to reach out to us

Access our exceptional customer support for installation or any other questions you may have. We are available 24/7/365. And, when we say 24/7/365 support, we mean it! Just reach out to us at subscriptions-support@appstle.com, or ping us through the chat widget.

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