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Create a new Title

Every Deliverable needs a Release, and every Release needs a Title

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The first step in setting up a project in AWEbase is creating a new Title.* Don't worry about getting all the details perfect right away; you can always come back and change them later.

  1. Choose “Create Title” from the master drop-down menu to open the “Create New Title” pop-up.

  2. Enter a name for the Title. (This is required.)

  3. Enter your organization’s code for the Title.

  4. Enter a description for the Title.

  5. Click the “Create Title” button to close the pop-up and create the new Title.

*Note that while "Title" and "Release" are the default terms in AWEbase, your organization may have customized one or both of these terms to better reflect your business. For example, "Title" might be "Product Line" or "Department" for you, and "Release" might be "Product" or "Project."

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