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Once you have your organization’s basic payment information entered into the system, there are a few more steps to get your team up and running.

  • Set up your Organization Profile: It only takes a minute, so don't forget to input your contact information, as well as the official e-mail addresses where you want to send contracts and orders to pay.

  • Add Staff: By default, your account only has one user. Unless you’re doing everything yourself, you’ll want to invite other members of your team to AWEbase, so they can help out. Every staff member has a role, which defines what privileges they have within the system. When you add a staff member, you can define what role they will have. (Learn about roles here and adding staff here.)

  • Add Contractors: To start recruiting and assigning jobs to contractors, those contractors need to first be in your system. All you need to add a contractor is their name and e-mail address; the system and the contractor take care of everything else. (Learn about adding contractors here.) Note that if you have an extensive pre-existing contractor database, you may contact AWEbase support about doing a mass import of your original data. 

  • Add Contracts Templates: A key time-saving AWEbase feature is the ability to send and sign legal agreements from within the platform itself. In order to do so, however, your organization needs to upload its own contract templates.
    The AWEbase website hosts a sample work-for-hire contract template, but you may have your own contracts that you prefer, or that have already been vetted by your legal team. You may also want to use different contract templates for different types of Deliverables or different Titles. In any of these cases, you’ll need to upload your own contract templates for your team to use. (Learn about adding new contract templates here.)

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