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Paid Member Subscriptions
Paid Member Subscriptions

Expand your revenue streams with Paid Member Subscriptions, now available on!

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As part of's first release of community monetization features, we're launching a new way for community owners to connect, engage, and have fun with their super community fans!

⚡ Introducing Paid Member Subscriptions ⚡


Paid Member Subscriptions gives owners a way to earn from their platform through the support of their community. And in return, members will receive special access to exclusive subscriber perks that help make their community experience more fun and engaging. helps you...

✅ Charge members for a subscription

✅ Offer exclusive supporter perks

✅ Support paid content options

Continue reading to learn more about what features you can enjoy, as well as the ones that are coming in the future!


We’ve rolled out Member Subscriptions with the following capabilities to get you started:

  • Accept payments internationally

  • Set your own monthly pricing and currency

  • Offer built-in and custom supporter perks

  • Monitor subscriber and payment analytics

  • Configure your checkout page, invoice templates, etc.

  • Choose your preferred payout schedule

  • Issue automated emails for payments and refunds

  • Set up your own custom email domain

Member Subscriptions are available on all of our plans, and can be enabled on all communities within supported countries!

For more information, take a look at our pricing page and FAQs.


As always, we try our best to continuously improve our product and make sure we're offering what our customers need the most. Here are some of the ideas we’re thinking about — we'd love to know which ones are important to you:

  • Private subforums that will let you paywall and offer exclusive content for subscribed members

  • A gifting feature that will let members buy or sponsor monthly subscriptions for other members of the community

  • Annual subscriptions that can be offered at a discounted rate vs. monthly subs

  • Additional subscription analytics on Beam Dashboard, such as highest sub count, subs per non-subs count, top gifted subs, gifted subs leaderboard, etc.

  • More payment methods, currencies, and supporter perks

To learn more about Member Subscriptions, check out our Help Center articles:

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