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Tips for getting started with Monetization
Tips for getting started with Monetization
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Excited to start monetizing your community? We are too!

But before anything else, there are a few things we recommend you prepare first before you start introducing paid subscriptions to your members! Take a look at our list below.

Verify your account

"Know Your Customer” (KYC) obligations require us to verify that account holders are operating from the business addresses they put in their account application. As such, we ask our customers to confirm their email addresses, provide ID, and submit a few documents. Make sure you complete all of the requirements so you can enjoy Stripe's full suite of features!

Set up your branding

Before you start promoting subscriptions in your community, you'll want to set up your branding first! Customize the look and feel of your receipts, invoices, checkout page, payment links, and customer portal by going to your Branding Settings, where you can:

  • Upload your logo and icon

  • Choose your brand and accent colors

  • Style your checkout page's font and shapes

You also have the option to update your invoice template.

Choose a payout schedule

Your payout schedule refers to how often you want money sent to your bank account.

In supported countries, your default payout schedule is daily automatic. You can change this in the Stripe Dashboard to weekly automatic, monthly automatic, or manual payouts. You can even specify the day of the week or month that you want payouts to arrive in your bank account!

Turn on customer emails

Make sure your customers receive email notifications by enabling this setting on the Stripe Dashboard. You can configure Stripe to send email notifications or reminders to your customers:

  • Upon failed payment attempts.

  • With receipts after invoices are paid.

  • When a card on file is about to expire.

  • When there's an upcoming renewal.

  • When a payment requires 3D Secure.

  • To remind customers to complete 3D Secure payments.

  • To remind customers if a one-off invoice hasn’t been paid (Invoicing Plus).

Add a custom email domain

Set up a custom domain that you can use to make your emails to customers more recognizable and consistent with your brand. Creating a custom domain allows you to send emails such as invoices, receipts, and failed payments from your domain instead of

To start sending emails from your own domain, complete the following three steps:

  1. Add your domain in the Dashboard.

  2. Verify your domain to allow sending.

  3. Set your sending domain as your domain.

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