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Setting up Community Monetization
Setting up Community Monetization partners with Stripe for secure payments.

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Enable Community Monetization to start charging members through paid subscriptions! Here's how.

Go to the Beam Dashboard

Start by logging into your Beam account and clicking on Monetization on the left. You will find that it is disabled by default. Click enable to start setting up your account.

Create a free Stripe account partners with Stripe to give community owners access to their own dashboard where they can monitor and manage payments directly. You can start by creating your own free account.

Fill in your business details

In order to meet requirements from Stripe, regulators, and financial partners, you'll be asked to provide information* such as (but not limited to):

  • Business and personal details

  • Company website

  • Bank account information

  • Customer support details

* Requirements may vary per country

Make sure you double-check that all the information provided are correct before submitting your form. Once you're ready, you'll be taken to your very own Stripe Dashboard.

Choose your pricing and perks

Once you've finished completing and verifying your account, you'll be taken back to the Beam Dashboard, where you can set up your pricing and additional supporter perks. This is also where you can view the active subscriptions in your community.

Manage your Stripe settings

Stripe provides powerful features and tools that allow community owners to accept payments, customize billing, monitor charges, and manage payment disputes. You can tailor your experience in various ways from your Stripe Dashboard, including:

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