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Using Your Privacy Policy With Curb Hero
Using Your Privacy Policy With Curb Hero

Data privacy is important and our app allows you to include your privacy policy so your guests/leads know how you plan to use their data.

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Since Curb Hero is a service provider to our users, we can't speak for the privacy policies that you are following with your guests' or leads' information. 

Since some states/regions may require digital and/or printed privacy policies, we are providing this template as a starting point for creating your own.

Steps to create your own privacy policy using our template:

  1. Copy this document to your own google account

  2. Edit this document so it represents your business and your policies regarding the guest or lead data you capture within the Curb Hero services. We recommend getting professional legal help just to be sure.

  3. Once completed, you can use Google Docs to get a "shareable link" to the privacy policy doc (use the "Share" button). Make sure you set the sharing settings so that anyone with the link can VIEW the document (don't allow EDIT permissions).

  4. Go to the Curb Hero app's My Profile section and paste that URL in the Privacy Policy URL section

Now guests that choose to view your privacy policy in the sign-in form, can see it and know your policies for handling their info.

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