Creating a Listing Microsite

Our stunning single property sites can be used in Open House follow up texts, AND the built in lead capture is ideal for digital marketing.

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Here's an Example of our Listing Microsite

Curb Hero Listing Microsites are really easy to create. If you've already created a listing to use for an Open House Sign-in then you're ahead of the game and skip to step 3. If you haven't created a listing yet, here's how (it's super easy):

Here's a Video Explainer

Here are Step by Step Instructions

  1. Add a new listing in My Listings

  2. Add one or more property photos (it's not required but highly recommended). You can add up to five property photos.

  3. Go through each of the fields like price, beds, bath, square feet, description, more info url and update them. They're all optional.

  4. For Sale Status select a status that matches your property listing. It's fine to leave blank too.

  5. Then pick whether you want to promote a virtual or video tour URL. A link to the corresponding URL will appear at the top of the microsite and if nothing is configured, no link will be shown.

  6. Lastly, PUBLISH the microsite using the button at the bottom.

When your microsite has been published, you'll see the URL populated in the Microsite URL.

Now you're done! But the most important part is to copy the URL and begin using it in your marketing. Here are recommendations for just a few places to promote your microsite:

  1. Curb Hero Open House follow up texts. Learn about setting those up.

  2. In print marketing using our Dynamic QR Code. Learn about setting that up. Note: This same QR Code can be used as an Open House Sign-in (in addition or as an alternative to our Open House Sign-in app).

  3. In Facebook, Twitter, or other social media posts about the corresponding listing. Our microsites are incredibly mobile optimized so are perfect for social media where consumption is heavily mobile.

  4. Similarly these are great for email newsletters since email consumption has shifted heavily to mobile

  5. Our microsites also have the ability to include video and virtual tour links which means the microsite lead capture will be right alongside your digital tours.

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