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Enabling a Touchless Open House Sign-in (aka QR code sign-in)
Enabling a Touchless Open House Sign-in (aka QR code sign-in)

Visitors can scan a QR code to sign into your Open House. Also you can print the QR codes for use in all kinds of other marketing

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Creating a Touch Free Open House Sign-in involves setting up the following:

Once these two steps are completed, a QR code will be added to your Open House sign-in intro screen. It can be scanned by guests that would prefer not to use the touch screen sign-in.

All smartphone cameras have built-in QR code scanning (see further below for a close up) so guests can scan the code and then sign-in on their phone. All the same Open Sign-in questions are provided and once submitted the listing microsite is revealed so there's no more need for printed brochures.


- Publishing a listing microsite is required in order for the touch free option to be used in your Open House sign in. If you haven't done that you can learn how here.

- Using a tablet or laptop sized device is required for the QR code to be shown. The design on a smartphone is too compact to include a QR code that's large enough to easily be scanned.

Here's a close up of how the camera app functions as a QR code scanner.

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