Downloading and Printing a QR Code

QR Codes are great ways to drive online engagement from print marketing. Here's how you can do that with our QR codes + listing microsites

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There are different QR codes you can download

But if you want a QR Code that always lands on a specific listing here are two options (see screenshots below):

  • Microsite: this is the plain listing microsite which looks just like a single property site. This is great to share on post cards or door hangers where the context isn't Open House specific

  • Microsite with Sign-in Overlay: For an Open House sign-in, we highly recommend using this because it: a) forces prospects to enter their info to view the property details on the microsite b) it will send prospects the follow up texts c) it will send you the text notifications when prospects sign in (and you can leave notes by replying to these texts)

No matter which option you choose, if you want to promote a specific listing and/or Open House in your QR Code you'll need to create the listing microsite (see this tutorial)

This video shows how to do complete these steps:

Now that the the QR Code is downloaded,

A) Add it to your print marketing like postcards, yard signs, sign riders, or in other physical marketing that prospective buyers/agents may encounter - see our template library for editable graphics.

B) Use it as an Open House Sign-in

Any prospects that scan that code with their smartphone will be taken to your listing microsite and can enter their info into the form. All their data will go into your app and sync with any CRMs or other marketing tools that you've set up.

Detailed Instructions and Screenshots for Reference

If you want to download a QR code for a specific listing, you'll see the option next to each listing (on smaller screens you'll need to open the menu that looks like 3 vertical dots ⋮ Select those and you'll see a menu where you can download the QR code. Then you can share it or copy it to use elsewhere.

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